Tow Away Agreement

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A: Florida State Law requires that we have a signed agreement to tow private property. City bylaws in Duval County require an authorized person to be in sight and must sign for any vehicle or vessel that will be removed. (a) The city as it is used here refers to the city of Jacksonville. b) the owner of the land is the person who exercises control and control of the property, including, but not exclusively, the rightful owner, the leaseholder, a resident administrator, a property manager or any other representative authorized to bind the owner. A person doing a towing service should not be named an agent for a landowner. c) Towing involves transporting, transporting, transporting, transporting or removing a motor vehicle using another vehicle. (d) the towing service includes any person, any social or other entity, owns or operates a licence, owns or operates a business that towed or removes motor vehicles for compensation purposes. (e) Towing of trespass means towing or removing a vehicle without the consent of the owner or operator of the vehicle that is parked on private land. (f) deposits or storage sites must comply with all provisions of the Jacksonville Prescribing Code, including, but not limited to, sections 656.322 and 656.323, the prescribing code, in which it is amended from time to time. (g) contract walkout is defined as a situation in which a contract is entered into between a landowner and a towing service, and the mandated towing service then subcontracts special equipment and/or an operator for the removal of vehicles, boats, trucks or equipment from the property of the object.

Any vehicle, boat, truck or equipment towed as part of such a subcontract must be charged and stored by the towing service that has the contract with the owner and must be stored at the location indicated on the panels towed in the field. (2004-1374-E, point 2); 2008-166-E, 2) by. 804.1302. – Towing vehicles to compensate. No towing service may tow or transport a vehicle for compensation if the place of origin of the towing or transportation site is located within the jurisdiction of the City of Jacksonville without meeting the requirements of the F.S.

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