Amortize License Agreement

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(B) contracts for the use of intangible assets. An intangible section 197 is not an immaterial part created by itself, insofar as it results from the conclusion (or extension) of a contract for the use of an existing immaterial § 197. For example, for self-created intangible assets, the exception does not apply to activated costs, such as. B lawyers` and other fees incurred by a licensee in connection with the conclusion (or extension) of a contract for the use of know-how or similar ownership. Intangible assets may be depreciated in accordance with Article 167 if Article 197 is not applicable and the asset has a limited useful life. (iii) Since the right to use the retained patents is described in paragraph (b) (11) of this Section and the right is transferred in connection with the purchase of a business or business, the treatment of royalties is determined in accordance with paragraph (f) (3) (ii) of this Section. In addition, the patents retained are described in point (b)(5) of this section. Therefore, in accordance with the general rule in subsection (f) (3) (ii) (A) of this Section, annual licence payments are to be borne by the capital account unless Y finds that the licence is not a sale or exchange in accordance with the principles set out in section 1235 and that the royalties constitute a counter-transaction for the transferred rights. If these facts are established, the derogation from subsection (f) (3) (ii) (B) of this Section applies and the royalties are not encumberable on the balance of capital within the meaning of Section 197. The costs enabled for the conclusion of the license are treated in the same way as in Example 7.

(iv) B has a base of $75,000 in intangible assets under Section 197(f)(9) acquired by S. As a result of S`s choice of earnings recognition, B may amortize US$50,000 from its base in accordance with Section 197. In accordance with paragraph (h) (9) (ii) of this Section, the remaining base is not eligible for the exclusion of profit recognition and cannot be depreciated by B. In certain circumstances, 11 according to INDOPCO regulations, Z must capitalize the $240,000, since contract law is a Category 2 intangible asset. Since the duration of the employment contract can be estimated with appropriate accuracy (four years), the signing bonus would be amortized over this period….

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