University Of New Brunswick Faculty Collective Agreement

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Professional development (Collective Agreement: Article 22): 2-year cycle April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2020. Apply at any time. Start-up fund: there is currently no formal provision for start-up funds, but they are regularly negotiated and received by future faculty members. UNB has indicated that it is working on a more regulated approach to this situation, but at the moment we can provide some context to all those who are negotiating in its contract negotiations. March 31, 2019 – April 1, 2022Indication: The 2019-2022 agreement is active, but OCFA has not yet received an updated copy. The old agreement on the site will be updated if a copy of the new agreement is available. Tenure and Promotion (Articles 16, 19, 23, 24, 25): There are several articles to consult, including articles describing workload, criteria and procedures. The UNB actually has five levels of evaluation, with slight variations depending on whether you are in a faculty or not. The first level is a peer review by a committee of your department or faculty. Here is an assessment by your president or dean. You will then be evaluated by a representative committee of your faculty (in faculties oriented to departments) or by a group of faculties (interfaculate evaluation committee) in non-departmental faculties. This is followed by an evaluation by the dean or chair of the interfaculate evaluation committee.

The final stage of the evaluation will be carried out by a committee of three vice-chairs, all of whom will have to be approved by the Governing Council. It is possible to get iterative answers at all levels. (Entry from outside the UNB is only required for transport to the rank of full professor.) Here are important dates and deadlines for the collective agreement. If you have any doubts about these dates or have other questions, contact the collective agreement and/or your steward shop. The FNBFA is very concerned about the establishment of “reconciliation committees” by the state government in university wage negotiations in recent years.

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