Iranian Peace Agreement

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On July 23, 2015, a hearing on the JCPOA was held before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Energy Secretary Moniz were reckless. [191] Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, chairman of the committee, said in his opening speech that at the beginning of the discussions, the goal was to dismantle Iran`s nuclear program, while the agreement codified “the industrialization of their nuclear program.” [265] [266] Corker addressed Kerry and said, “I think you fled” and “what you did here is you made Iran a pariah in Congress now – Congress is a pariah.” [246] Corker stated that a new threshold had been crossed in U.S. foreign policy and that the agreement would “allow a public sponsor of terror to maintain a sophisticated industrial nuclear development program that, as we know, has only a real practical need.” [267] Senator Benjamin Cardin of Maryland, the most senior Democratic member of the Committee, said that he had many questions and that he hoped the answers would provoke a debate “in Congress and the American people.” [267] Democrats, led by California Senator Barbara Boxer, voted in favor of the deal, boxer said Republican criticism was “ridiculous,” “unfair” and “false.” [191] [246] Corker and Cardin sent a letter to Obama saying that the bilateral IAEA-Iran document should be available to Congress for consideration. [246] Pro-Israel groups in the United States were divided by the JCPOA. [212] The American Israel Public Affairs Committee rejected the agreement and created a new group 501 (c) (4), Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran, to conduct a television advertising campaign against the agreement. [197] [212] [213] [214] In August 2015, it was reported that AIPAC and Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran were planning to spend between $20 million and $40 million on its campaign. [215] From mid-July to August 4, 2015, aIPAC`s Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran spent more than $11 million on political television advertising, which opposed the agreement in 23 states, including more than $1 million in California, Florida, New York and Texas. [215] [216] In the first week of August, AIPAC stated that it had held 400 meetings with congressional offices as part of its campaign to defeat the agreement. [215] In comments made on July 15, 2015 in the East Room of the White House, Obama asked Congress to support the agreement: “If we don`t vote smartly, I think future generations will judge us harshly because they will let this moment pass.” [185] He stated that the inspection regime for the agreement was one of the most vigorous ever negotiated and criticized opponents of the agreement for not proposing a viable alternative to the agreement. [185] Obama said, “If 99 percent of the international community and the majority of nuclear experts look at this and say “it will prevent Iran from having an atomic bomb”, and you are either saying that it does not…

then you should have an alternative to present. And I didn`t hear that. [186] [187] On the same day, in an interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, he spoke in favour of the agreement on the agreement. [188] Obama said: On July 28, Kerry, Moniz and Lew testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. [269] The chairman of the committee, Ed Royce, a California Republican, said in his opening address: “We are urged to consider an agreement that would grant Iran permanent sanctions for temporary nuclear restrictions.” [269] [270] “Royce also said that the inspection regime of “anywhere, at any time” was “short” access to Iranian nuclear facilities and criticized the lifting of restrictions on Iran`s missile program and conventional weapons. [271] The committee`s highest member, New York Democrat Eliot Engel, said he had “serious questions and concerns” about the agreement. [271] [272] Kerry, Lew and Moniz were reckless for four hours before the committee. [273] [274] At the hearing, Kerry stated that if Congress circumvented the agreement, “not only

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