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“SLA” refers to current service level agreements, which apply only to “Looker Hosted Deployment” and are described on looker.com/trust-center/legal/sla-lss. 19.6. Denunciation of previous agreements. If Looker and the customer have previously entered into an agreement with Looker for products or services, that contract will be terminated on the start date of the services, and that agreement regulates the provision and use of the Services in the future. 3.2. Technology looker. Looker owns all the rights, titles and interests of Looker Technology. To the extent that Looker Technology is integrated into each PSO Services project, Looker grants the client a limited, global, non-exclusive, non-transferable license (with the right to be sub-conceded to the affiliate) to use Looker technology as part of the project for the client`s internal business purposes and, where appropriate, its external business purposes related to the use of the Services during the order period. This PSO addendum does not give the customer the right to use materials, products or services provided to Looker customers as part of a separate agreement, license or supplement. 20.15.

Full agreement. The agreement provides for all the conditions agreed between the parties and replaces all previous or simultaneous agreements between the parties regarding the purpose of the agreement. At the time of the agreement, neither party relied on a statement, insurance or guarantee (negligence or innocence) and neither party will have a right or recourse based on a declaration, insurance or guarantee (negligent or innocent), except those expressly described in the agreement. The agreement contains URL links to other conditions (including URL terms) that are included in the reference agreement. 1.3. External users. If the volume of use described in the order form contains the use of PBL, the customer may allow his customers and third parties (each a “PBL user” and a set of PBL users) to use the services as final licensed users as long as PBL users have written agreements with the customer that protect lookers at least as the rights and obligations of the agreement and the corresponding order form. The Customer may not accept any conditions on Be looker`s behalf, including those that modify, supplement or modify the terms and conditions applicable to the Services in one way or another. The customer is solely responsible, vis-à-vis PBL users, for any guarantees or other conditions that go beyond the guarantees and obligations described in the agreement. PBL users` access to services may be interrupted at any time by Looker if it is found that this PBL user violates the agreement. No personal data. The customer recognizes that Looker does not need to process personal data to run Enablement Services jumpstart.

The client will not grant Looker access to personal data unless the parties have reached an agreement on the extent of the work and the conditions applicable to Looker`s handling of this personal data. 8.1. Protecting customer data. Looker only accesses customer data or uses it only to make customer-ordered and TSS services available to the customer and does not use it for other Looker products, services or advertisements. Looker has implemented and maintains administrative, physical and technical security measures to protect the confidentiality, security, integrity, availability and confidentiality of customer data stored in the instance, as described in data processing and security conditions. Despite other provisions of the agreement or other agreements related to the Services, Looker is not liable for damages or losses resulting from the security configuration or management of the Services by the Customer.

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